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Here you will be able to learn more about our services, as well as our company’s background; which has always specialized in information and communication technology services and solutions, and which is constantly being updated to keep up with the best possible systems.

Through the case history of a few of our clients and their experience with us you can discover how choosing our company means success for yours

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SAIV: Future is On

our contact details Saiv S.p.A.
Via Zamenhof, 843
36100 Vicenza – Tel. +39 0444 587500 Fax +39 0444 587501

Dati video su IP e sistemi all'avanguardia.
Storage e protezione, virtualizzazione modulare
Sicurezza dei dati e del network
Cablaggio strutturato ad alta velocità
Videoconferenze in HD ed audio direzionale
Comunicazioni più sicure, rapide, economiche
Costante monitoraggio dei sistemi fondamentali

aziendaSAIV was founded in Vicentino at the end of the 1970’s as a national network installation and managing company. In 2003 it was transformed into a joint stock company.
The volume of sales of the company has grown from 2 million euros in 1997 to 16 million in 2011.
SAIV is a “one company solution” in the ICT (information and communication technology) field.read-more

solutions• Infrastructure and Data Center Services
• Server, Storage and Hyper-Visor solutions
• Cloud Computing services, Outsourcing
• Video, Collaboration and Digital Signage
• Enterprise cabling and networking
• Infrastructure and Information security
• United Communications and IP Telephony
• Design and supply of systems and telephone services; and integrated communications

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case-historyIn the ICT field, there aren’t solutions that are good for everyone. Each client must have its own customized packaged solution.
The variables at play are many: the size of the company, activities, structure.
The Business Unit by Saivs cares about just this: constantly provide the best performance for you. Development projects, infrastructure creation, optimization of business processes.read-more




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    Saiv S.p.A.
    Via Zamenhof, 843
    36100 Vicenza
    Tel. +39 0444 587500
    Fax +39 0444 587501
    mail: info@saiv.it
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